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What would happen if you could get paid for your knowledge, OVER AND OVER again - without lifting a finger?

Welcome to the world of Online Courses.

As creatives working online in 2021, having multiple income streams is a MUST.

And imagine if one of your income streams just sprayed you with money, over and over again - INFINITELY.

Imagine if that income stream was something you only had to set up ONCE, but could sell infinite times.



If you're on this page, I'll bet you're an Artist or a Creative, and you're looking for ways to:

✅ Get a higher income (I mean.. obvs, who doesn't want that!!)

✅ Spend more time doing your craft while your biz works in the background to support you

✅ Reach a wider audience - and teach what you know to people WORLDWIDE

✅ Make more money by doing ONLY what you love

✅ Work SMARTER not HARDER - and have more time for yourself

And to remove the "ceiling" from your income because there are no physical products to ship.


Online courses are THE. THING. that did that for me. 


Creating online courses is a GAME CHANGER

And in this masterclass, you'll learn everything I know about how to create a successful online course from scratch, with NO EXPERIENCE!

From conception, marketing, IG tips and the creation of said course (with what you have on hand) it SERIOUSLY doesn't have to be difficult!


And in this 2.5hr masterclass - you'll learn EXACTLY what you need to know in order to create incredible online courses - IMMEDIATELY! 


This is 2021!

The world has gone totally nuts and brick & mortar businesses are shaky and unstable.

When you sell your knowledge online - you get to tap into a WORLDWIDE audience.

So it doesn't matter what's going on in your economic climate locally - you're able to sell to people ANYWHERE, all the time, IMMEDIATELY.

No postage, no shipping, no scheduling. Just immediate $ for you, and immediate knowledge for your customers.


All of a sudden -you're tapped into TRUE ABUNDANCE

Here's exactly what you're getting in Course Queen - The Masterclass!

💰 My proven formula to make it once, sell it infinitely

💰 The secrets to shooting amazing video, even without expensive equipment!

💰 How to get your offline business ONLINE (and turn heads in your industry)

💰 My personal technique for effortlessly becoming a captivating leader & teacher without having any previous teaching experience

💰 A proven, powerful business model that just works - regardless of what's going on in the economy

💰 The industry "hacks" that online entrepreneurs are using RIGHT NOW to make millions in online course revenue

💰 A simple, step-by-step process to choosing the best way to host your courses - from FREE to $$$

💰 The one thing that will catapult your first course launch to success that you only dreamed of.

💰 The fastest way for artists to make 10k+ per month - even in a global pandemic


You'll learn about sales, filming, sound, course platforms, social media, mindset, intention, marketing, how to choose your course subject, how to teach, how to price, how to host, different types of courses AND (this is the best part) that you can do this in ANY WAY YOU CHOOSE.

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"I’m so glad I took the leap and joined Course Queen. Learning from Steph lit the fire under my butt that was needed to get over my perfectionism and get in the arena. Since then I created my first course “Moon Menu” and sold out!!
I honestly can’t believe it.

Steph makes you see just how easy course creation can be and highlights what a sustainable business model it is.
For the first time I’m actually making great money from my small one woman biz and have a plan forward that is really really exciting!" - Lucia

Course Queen The Masterclass

$299 USD

Immediate Access

EVERYTHING you need to know to create your online course business NOW!

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