THIS is what they don't teach you at Art School

Thriving Artist reveals her formula for building an online art business that makes your soul shine and turns your creativity into cash! ✨

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FINALLY - how to become a wealthy artist without DYING first!

We've all heard that old story, right? That artists earn more money once they're dead. If you're anything like me, you DO NOT want to be the next Van Gogh. He only sold one painting in his lifetime, now his work is worth millions.

Ugh, I've been there. And I'm willing to bet you have too.

I'm an artist who has lived the EPITOME of Starving Artist.

"SURELY, there has to be another way!?" I thought, exasperated.

There is.

In this book you'll learn how to build your artist business FROM THE GROUND UP into a successful online EMPIRE.

NOW. In your lifetime.

No, even closer than that.

In your IMMEDIATE future.

Don't settle for ANYTHING LESS than what your soul TRULY desires.

And I'd be willing to bet you truly desire to be a thriving artist with a fat bank account, creative fulfilment, not to mention - all the time in the world to create your heart out - otherwise why would you be on this page?


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The FAST-TRACK to become a trusted authority online, even without a huge following

Your online art business starts with a social media following that know, like & trust you. I'll share an unconventional and surprising way to achieve that, FAST.

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Your business, on YOUR TERMS

The secret formula to doing-it-your-way.

POWERFUL energetic hacks

To skilfully design, curate AND manifest the life of your dreams.

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How to MARKET and SELL to your CAPTIVATED audience!

SMART ARTISTS know how to market and sell to their audience. This book will teach you how to have your audience hanging off your every word and begging you for the "buy" button.

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SAY GOODBYE to your crappy money beliefs

We'll uncover & debunk the limiting beliefs that "money doesn't grow on trees" and "artists need to starve" and adopt new, POWERFUL beliefs around your ability to thrive.

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To get you started

BONUS, you also get this 7 page guide - an inspiring, comprehensive guide of side-hustles (and centre-hustles!!!) for RICH ARTISTS

Included in this free report are over 36 ART BUSINESS ideas guaranteed to inspire you and bring you mountains of cash.

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