Put your hand up if you want to create a wildly profitable extra income stream this year πŸ™‹πŸ»‍β™€οΈπŸ™‹πŸΎ‍β™‚οΈπŸ™‹πŸΌ‍β™‚οΈπŸ™‹‍♀️


JUST FYI: If you want to TRULY live life on your own terms with a whole other income stream during this time of uncertainty...


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I’m going to show you the exact techniques that successful online entrepreneurs are using RIGHT NOW to create massive income streams with online courses while positively impacting the lives of hundreds of people all around the world.


Online courses really are the cheat code to freedom & uncapped income right now - especially because once you’ve made it, you can sell it INFINITELY... 


Make it once.. sell it IN.FIN.ITE.LY.


Seriously. 🀯🀯


This means you can stop trading time for money and really start to SCALE up your income. πŸ“ˆπŸ’Έ


This means you can spend your time actually doing the things you really love to do. πŸ“πŸŽ¨πŸ’ƒπŸ½πŸ”


This means you’re not bound to just one place in the world like a bricks & mortar business - and neither are your clients!


You can sell to anyone, anywhere. (AND bonus - you can also work from anywhere, too! What a dream!)


But before you keep reading, I want to let you know, it's 10000% possible for you to create a truly incredible online course business that helps hundreds of people and blesses you with an ever-expanding, uncapped income…


But I do have a little warning for you.


The exact skills you'll learn inside Creative Course Empire have allowed me to create an incredible lifestyle of freedom & creativity - and make life changing money - but I’m not suggesting it’ll all happen overnight.


The truth is, becoming a multi 6-figure, self-made online course creator BOSS ASS I’m-running-out-of-adjectives BISHπŸ˜‚ - requires risk as well as consistent effort and action.


If you’re not willing to accept that, please DON’T READ ANY FURTHER!


But if you’re sitting on the edge of your seat, practically salivating 🀀 at the life you’ve always dreamed,

(yes, it IS possible!)

and you’re not swayed by a little hard work...


Then step over the threshold into your next level - let’s create a whole extra creative income stream for you & launch you into the πŸ’° freedom filled life you’ve always dreamed of.


OK - still here? Let’s do this!! πŸš€

Wait, but who TF are you anyways??


Hah! Hey, I'm Steph πŸ™‹πŸ»‍♀️

You might be a long time follower who’s watched my empire come to life & my world completely change
(hey!! πŸ‘‹πŸΌ)


You may have even done a bunch of my courses! (Heeeey😏)


Or you may have no idea who this scream-it-from-the-rooftops, Online Course Obsessed Artist CEO Badasss™ is…


Either way, let me introduce myself. I’m just like you - I’m a creative who was completely OVER the up & down. πŸ“ˆπŸ“‰


I was completely OVER living solely from my art & forcing my paintings to be my only income stream. Under that pressure, my creativity suffered, hard.


& then I heard a sentence that truly changed my life:


“The average millionaire has 7 streams of income”

… so why the hell was I relying on only my art for money??


Then I got the nudge to check out Online Courses... and the rest - as they say - is history!


In my first course launch I made $2000 in just a few days.. I was like “Holy shit. This could be something real.”


I kept at it, and made a bunch more courses - and started to make REALLY GOOD MONEY.🀯


In fact - these days I make multiple 6 figures from my course business alone! πŸ’° & my latest course made over $100k in just a couple of months!


I have thousands of clients all around the world who send me messages every day telling me how much my programs have helped them - and who are connected to each other in worldwide community 😍 (this actually gives me goosebumps a little bit!)


I've been able to travel the country, location independent, for the last 10 months - fully supported by my online business...


...and I've just moved into my dream apartment...

...all because of Online Courses!!


And now?


It’s time to peel back the curtain and invite you all in to show you EXACTLY how I did it - so you can follow in my footsteps and do it too!


Because honestly, it’s the best thing I’ve ever done.


But enough about me...

Let's talk about your next level!


What you'll learn inside Creative Course Empire:

The exact, step-by-step formula that I’ve personally used to create a multi-6-figure online course business - so you can do it too!


  • The one CATASTROPHIC mistake people make when they launch their first course - and exactly how to avoid it.


  • "You need a huge following in order to make a profit, right?" SOOO WRONG!


  • The fastest way to to validate your course idea and make sure it’ll ACTUALLY sell (A lifesaver, honestly!πŸ˜…)


  • My personal method to create wildly compelling sales pages that convert like crazy (INCLUDING drag-&-drop templates to make your life 100X easier!)


  • The counterintuitive hack to finding your exact target market (hint: it’s right under your nose) πŸ‘ƒ


  • The surprise formula to start charging money for your course NOW, even before you start to create it! (I know, this sounds counterintuitive, but this one will change your life!)


  • The truth about pricing your course (and exactly how you can maximise your profits!) πŸ’°


My personal formula to sell out your first launch even without having any prior experience


  • A YouTube-style resource library of powerful techniques for film/audio/lighting etc - to record high-quality courses with what you have on hand (+ what you can do to upgrade your toolkit!)


  • How to attract an engaged and loyal following of potential course-clients fast - WITHOUT busting your ass on social media all day.


  • The secret truth about successful course marketing - and how to leverage it to grow your following and get more buyers. πŸ“


  • The exact “fill in the blank” scripts and templates - done for you! βœ…


  • Exactly how to write persuasive words that sell courses like ice cream on a hot summer’s day - this is copywriting 101 baby!!


The secret to getting over your fears of success for good - and how to fearlessly step into the next level version of you that HAS IT ALL πŸ’°πŸ₯°πŸ“ˆ


  • My #1 hack to tease your course idea out of your brain and effortlessly turn it into a ready-to-film script (Psst - this hack will trickle out into every area of your life!!)


  • A simple, step by step process to film & edit videos like a pro - even if you’re tech illiterate, I gotchuu!!


  • The secret to turning your social media posts into sales machines that get your buyers salivating 🀀


  • My proven system for navigating all-the-feels that come up when you step into your next level πŸš€


  • The exact hacks I use to turn average phone videos into professional looking masterpieces - without using a high-end camera (yep - you can ABSOLUTELY film a whole online course on your phone!)


  • The exact formula you can use to sell your courses again and again even years after making them (literally step by step!)


Where to find the most engaged and ready-to-buy dream clients who can’t wait to work with you βœ¨


  • My powerful hacks to market & sell like you’ve been doing it for years!


  • The real truth about Facebook ads (and how to launch a profitable course WITH, or WITHOUT paid ads - your choice!)


  • How to teach and present like you’ve been doing it for years - even if you’ve never done it before - and step into your LEADER! πŸ‘‘


  • The one realisation I had that changed the way I do business forever (HINT: it’s a mental game) 🧠


  • How to scale infinitely without burning out or doing things you don’t want to do.


  • My famous resource of over 80 powerful biz tech tools - AKA the secret weapons that make online business 10000x easier!


  • The exact psychology behind online course sales plus what you need to do to get buyers in the current climate.


  • The fastest way for you to become an authority in your niche even if you haven’t taught before (hint: you can start this NOW!)


  • The secret cheat sheet you can use again and an again that will help you launch every future course like a well oiled machine πŸ“


  • A no-holds barred look into my own course business - so you can model my success!


How to transform into the most successful version of yourself (and watch your life expand as a result!)

REAL TALK: this program has the potential to change your life in a VERY big way.

Online courses are a
game. changer.

Both for you, AND for your clients.

If what you're seeking is a lifestyle of freedom & independence - and you want to consciously choose and design your whole life - not to mention, transform into the most self-expressed and expanded version of yourself - all the while creating community and helping people ALL AROUND THE WORLD... (*large inhale*) πŸ˜…
then, let me tell you...

you're in the right place ✨

And if you're wondering things like:

"Do I have what it takes?"

"I don't even know if my course idea is going to sell..."

"I'm not qualified to teach!"

"I have no idea where to start"

"It's too late - there are already too many people
doing online courses!"


"Someone else has already made my course idea 😫"


Let me just reassure you for a sec:

When you're on the edge of your next level - ALL the scared parts of you come up to be processed.
All the worries & fears - it's normal.

Yes, it's scary to jump...
but you know what's even more scary?


Not giving it a go.
Not going for your dream life.
Not seeing what you're capable of.

Not to mention - when YOU don't go for your dreams, you deprive everyone around you from the inspiration to go for their dreams as well - AND you deprive your potential clients of your wisdom & guidance!

And just FYI - inside CCE you'll learn exactly why someone else having already made your course idea is actually one of the greatest outcomes possible πŸ˜‡

POWERFUL Community

You know what they say - you're the sum of the people you spend time with. Take advantage of masterminding with this incredible growing community of course creators who are striving for success and lifting each other up.

Infinitely scalable

Make it once, scale it infinitely. Courses are a powerful income generating tool that - once you've made them - can be scaled to infinity. This means an exponentially growing income! πŸ“ˆπŸ€€ 

Lifetime Access

Yes! You'll receive lifetime access to all course content - this means all trainings are now yours to keep FOREVER INCLUDING future updates of the course! It's a resource you can come back to over and over!


While there aren't (YET) any testimonials from this brand new course, here's some feedback from my other offerings 😊


ο‘ˆ πŸ‘ˆπŸΌ I want you to meet someone. This is Lucia - she’s a menstrual cycle coach who learned how to make courses with me a few years ago.


She created her course "Moon Menu" - helping women meal prep for their menstrual cycle and made $6000 in her first launch!! She has since gone on to make $75k from relaunching the same course!


"I've been able to double my income two years in a row, and I’m on course to double it again!!"


While there aren't (YET) any testimonials from this brand new course, here's some feedback from my other offerings 😊


I've saved the best bit for last here.

The bonus OF . YOUR . DREAMS.

Here it is: this first round of the course is a BETA round - meaning the first participants are the "testers" - so to speak.

And just for this BETA round, you've got the opportunity to snag a very special discount offer:

This first round of the course is 50% off 😱 

In exchange for this epic 50% off deal, all I ask is that you provide constructive feedback on the course and a testimonial.

And of course - you get to keep access to the course and all future updates!

Sounds like a pretty sweet gig, right?

I'm making you an amazing offer here.

50% off - one time only!

So if you're on the edge of your seat, hanging for that NEXT LEVEL LIFE that you know in your heart of hearts is possible - then I'm excited to see you inside Creative Course Empire!


9 week live course begins on 18th Sept PST
(19th Sept AEST)

Login details will be sent to you upon booking.


Powerful recorded trainings, released weekly, containing the exact, step by step process to take your course from an idea to a finished product - ALL WHILE making a hell of a profit. πŸ“ˆπŸ’°βœ¨
Includes: Video Editing, Course Planning, Successful Launching, Teaching, Marketing, Copywriting, Money Mindset, FB Ads, Templates & Worksheets, Sales Pages, Launch Events, Infinitely Scaling & More!

LIVE Group Coaching Calls weekly via zoom - get tailored advice (Recorded & available in your course portal)

LIVE Community Connection Calls weekly via zoom - connect and mastermind with fellow course participants. (Not recorded)

Lifetime access to all course content - and future course content!

Private facebook group for community masterminding, daily support & group transformation. (never underestimate being part of a powerful group of creatives with the same goal!)


Sign up to Creative Course Empire now to take advantage of this insane 50% off deal and be one of the pioneers of this life-changing course. 

(worth $1093!)πŸ‘‡πŸΌ

Bonus #1:


Say goodbye to your limiting money beliefs! Strap in, because we go deep into money here. From all sides. 

Mindset? Check. Beliefs? Check. Practical tips and tricks? Check. Pricing, tools & taxes? CHECK. AND… my go-to Rich Bitch money hacks to help put you on the fast track to success!

Bonus #2:


Aside from this being a peek behind the scenes into my VERY FIRST COURSE - so you can learn exactly what did & didn’t work - this training gives you the keys to a successful instagram presence!

In this course you’ll learn how to turn your instagram into a magnet for your ideal client - not to mention a πŸ€‘ sales machine! πŸ€‘

Bonus #3:


TikTok is the fastest growing social media platform right now, and it's INSANELY easy to grow on - provided you've got a STRATEGY!

In this program you’ll learn exactly how to use it (even if you’re tech illiterate!) & how to use TikTok to become an authority in your niche - and ultimately be able to sell more courses to more people because of your reputation as a leader! πŸ‘€

Bonus #4:


You need to spend ages figuring out the tech, right? WRONG!!

It's a minefield out there - there's a confusing amount of apps, tools and programs - & how do you know which ones are actually worth your time/MONEY? I gotchuuu!  

In this SECRET WEAPONS resource, you'll receive the EXACT tools that successful online entrepreneurs use in business every day.


Total Value: $4992! 😳

Today only $1899! 😍



FULL PRICE (Most Popular!)

$1899 USD


  • 9 Weeks of Powerful recorded trainings released weekly.
  • Live Group Coaching Calls every week for tailored advice from me & my team.
  • Live Community Connection Calls every week to mastermind with fellow course creators.
  • Private Facebook Community for daily support & group transformation.
  • Lifetime Access to all future updates
  • EPIC 50% discount off total course price for first round students!
  • EXTRA discount - for paying in full.
  • Massive Money Upgrade (Value $497)
  • Slay Your Insta Game (Value $350)
  • TikTok Famous (Value $99)
  • Secret Weapons tech tools resource (Value $147)
  • PayPal Available


$349 USD x 6mths


  • 9 Weeks of Powerful recorded trainings released weekly.
  • Live Group Coaching Calls every week for tailored advice from me & my team.
  • Live Community Connection Calls every week to mastermind with fellow course creators.
  • Private Facebook Community for daily support & group transformation.
  • Lifetime Access to all future updates
  • EPIC 50% discount off total course price for first round students!
  • MAKE IT EASY with a 6 month payment plan!
  • Massive Money Upgrade (Value $497)
  • Slay Your Insta Game (Value $350)
  • TikTok Famous (Value $99)
  • Secret Weapons tech tools resource (Value $147)

PayPal not available for payment plans.