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When was the last time you allowed creative spirit to pour through you?

To completely move you.

To surrender to the brush, the pen, the mouse or the words pouring through you.

In total trust.

Total surrender.

And total devotion to the mystery that is creation.

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If there’s one thing I know for certain, it’s that there is a creative spirit (or multiple creative spirits) that work through us to create art that is BIGGER THAN OURSELVES.

I’ve had multiple experiences with this being.

The hard part is getting out of the way.

Opening the channel

Allowing it to pour through.

Do you know how FUCKING GOOD it feels though?

Creativity is the most benevolent entity there is. It’s completely divine. It’s pure life force energy. And to merge with it and create something you’ve never done before is an experience to behold.

It’s an experience of merging with the divine itself.


And ANYONE can do it..


No matter if you’ve never picked up a brush or pencil before, or you're an experienced artist, this experience is available to you, IF you can create the space for it…


That’s what I’m going to share with you in this online course, along with...

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Practical Downloads on Painting

I'm the keeper of some pretty epic old master's painting techniques, along with a bundle of modern hacks. I've taught "non-painters" how to paint realistically in just 4 days... imagine 6 weeks!

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Sketchbook (AKA SPELLBOOK!) Practises

Your sketchbook is where the magic happens. Where your recipes are stored, where bewitched symbols come alive and jump off the page into your reality...

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Invoking the deepest of all magic into our work. Pushing paint filled with intention and meaning. This part is a secret, but I'll let you know, it's very special.

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Powerful AF Creative Manifestations

You can use ART to manifest your reality - my life is absolute proof of that. Creativity is one of the most potent manifestation tools there is, you'll see!


Some of you may have experience, some of you may not. AND IT DOESN’T MATTER.


Here we are all the same.
Apprentices to creative spirit.
Clear channels and conduits for divine creativity to flow through.
Sharing messages for the planet.
Uplifting the world with our art.


And yep, that means YOU!!

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Hey! I’m Stephanie Rose Freeman.

I’ve been an artist for the last 6 years, and have had numerous experiences with the entity that we call creative spirit.

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I’ve channelled paintings that went on to go completely viral, and make me thousands of dollars, magically.

I’ve lead people through sensual painting rituals, I’ve taught people who "couldn't paint" to paint realistically in JUST A FEW DAYS, I've showed people how to create potent manifestation paintings...

And now, I’m here to share all my secrets with you.

Sound good?

I can GUARANTEE that by the end:

🎨Your specific flavour of creative juice will be cascading through you.

🎨You’ll have found your own unique style that makes your heart sing.

🎨Your whole life will be juiced up by creativity.

🎨Your stress levels will be so low you won’t even know yourself.


“I cannot rate Steph's course highly enough! Steph is an incredible human, artist and teacher who holds an impressive amount of painting wisdom.

Her way of teaching is pure magic, not only in the visioning process but also in her clear way of communicating the instructions, making age old techniques appear simple enough for someone who had never painted to create a whole painting from scratch, and fall in love with it.

My painting is something I never thought I could possibly create, and it was thanks to her loving and patient guidance, spaceholding and trust in our inner artist abilities to come forth and create our magic

No BS in this course, only the courage to envision and manifest your dreams with epic materials and techniques, in a beautiful atmosphere, with gorgeous people.

I can't thank you enough Steph for bringing such joy and inspiration into my life. This is one of the best things I have ever done for myself. I am forever grateful.” - Katie S.

This online course is part manifestation, part magical activation, and part technical instruction. (AND part artistic coven!)


Basically, it's SO MUCH MORE than an art course.
It's an activation of the senses, and an activation of your magic.



This course is currently available as a go-at-your-own pace experience.

When you purchase, you'll recieve immediate & lifetime access to all pre-recorded course content & live call replays.

A materials list will be provided to you upon booking. 



So, my love - are you ready to come on the creative journey of a lifetime?


$799 USD


  • AT YOUR OWN PACE shamanic art journey
  • Beautifully shot training videos
  • Immediate & lifetime access to course content
  • Private facebook group & worldwide creative coven
  • Pay in full discount


$275 USD x 3mths


  • AT YOUR OWN PACE shamanic art journey
  • Beautifully shot training videos
  • Immediate & lifetime access to course content
  • Private facebook group & worldwide creative coven
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